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Purim is on Sunday March 12, 2017

Give a gift basket (Mishloach Manot) to your friends in the community, help out those less fortunate, and support Beth Isaiah Congregation at the same time!

Mishloach Manotsend food portions to friends

On Purim we emphasize the importance of Jewish unity and friendship by sending gifts of food to our friends. Jewish solidarity is not optional for the Jewish people. Our existence is predicated on our unity; a unity that expresses itself as a full-fledged mutual responsibility. On Purim day, Sunday March 12, 2017, we send two types of ready-to-eat food to at least one friend, but usually it is common to send it to a few friends to show them we are thinking of them. The custom is to send Mishloach Manot through a messenger, since the word Mishloach is related to the word for messenger, Shaliach.

How does it work?

Every recipient will receive a single Mishloach Manot with a card listing the people who sent the basket to that recipient. No matter how many well wishers you have, you will get one basket. Since the number of the baskets remains the same, the more people who participate in this mitzvah, the more money will be left for Beth Isaiah Congregation.

Beth Isaiah volunteers will arrange mishloach manot at the Shul and deliver them to the members and their friends. You need to send us a list of friends to whom you want to send Mishloach Manot. This can be done by following this LINK (click on the word LINK). Once you have supplied the names and addresses (for those people that are not members of Beth Isaiah), you will be directed back to this page to make your donation using the "Donate" button at the left of this page.




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